Stroke limit module BR16

The stroke limits module is used for stroke adjustment of the AMG-turn actuator
in both end positions.
For fastening; the actuator body must be equiped with 4 additional bore holes.

- Angle of rotation in both end positions + / - 5 ° adjustable
(Note the angle of rotation of the actuator)
- Connection dimensions of the valve are the same as the actuator
- Shaft mount is in stainless steel
- Anodized aluminium body
- Maintenance free
-Optional Lock-caps to cover the limit screws to prevent
non-intentional adjusting of the actuator - rotation angle

In principle, work and manipulations are banned when rotary actuators
are in the alternative energy related! (work only on pressureless actuators)

Work on the actuator may only be performed by trained personal.
When working; the accident prevention regulations must be observed.
Observe our assemby instructions SAD / SAF - 03.

Changes and Advantages

1. Less machining on the stop shaft
2. Less components compared to the old stroke limiting
3. Geometry of the stoke bodys optimized . Material saving and improved manufacturing
4. Interface to actuator body has been revised and optimized
5. No more solid centering, now centering with optional centering ring
6. Double flange connection According to DIN EN ISO 5211 to size 42
    for an extended application range and direct superstructures