The AMG-PESCH actuator SADT / SADF offers with its double structure and the integrated pen storage system, an interesting feature.
The print medium is determined by the spring-loaded to the control valve led. This spring, the storage system preloaded and remains at each switching operation in this state. This causes a maximum usable torque in two directions: open / close.
Only when the control pressure fails preloaded springs cause the automatic closing (opening) of the drive and thus the valve, whereby the desired safety position is guaranteed at all times.
This has the advantage that at low tax high pressure spring return circuit moments can be achieved. The energy will be optimally converted. In addition, according to VDI / VDE 3845 and DIN 3337 standard interfaces to the possibility of any simple cultivation positioners, feedback units and control valves.
The AMG pneumatic double-piston quater-turn actuator is suitable for use in the operation of ball valves, Plug valves, butterfly valves, control valves and all applications for the 90° pivoting range.