The transmission of push in rotary motion takes place via two opposing pistons which are guided through the guide tubes. The toothed racks move a pinion located between the flanks

By 90°. In addition to the 0° and 90° stand function, the desired dosing position of the valve is set on site during the mounting of the AMG quater-turn actuator and reproduced exactly at each switching.

In the AMG type DAD quater-turn actuator, this is realized by means of two dosing pistons which are loaded with control medium. During the actuation of the intermediate position, the mechanical stops are pressed via the metering pistons onto the pistons which are loaded with control medium in the inner chamber and bring the valve into the desired position.

With the AMG type DAF quater-turn actuator, the built-in springs cause the automatic closing of the actuators in the event of a control pressure failure.

AMG type DAD / DAF quater-turn actuators have their excellent suitability, e.g. In the case of coarse and fine dosing of automatic valve systems, and can be modified as required by the addition of feedback units, control valves and valves.