Wherever liquids, gases or vapours are conducted through pipelines there are valves and fittings, which must be actuated or moved.

Rack and pinion actuators are essential components of an actuator system consisting of valves and fittings, directional control valves or positioners and end position monitors. These units are inter-connected via standardised interfaces. From the process control system, from programmable controls or from other control devices, positioning signals are transmitted to the rack and pinion actuators via directional control valves or positioners. The rack and pinion actuators then mechanically translate the signals into rotary motion, which actuates the valves and fittings.

Thanks to their compact design and high performance our rack and pinion actuators are preferably used for automation of ball valves, plug valves, butterfly valves and control valves.

Their high quality is consistently confirmed by independent testing series performed by the large-scale chemical industry, both nationally and internationally. The design principle of the rod-guided pistons is based on a patented system that delivers crucial benefits: our drives are maintenance-free, compact and offer high levels of reliability and long service life.