High Performance actuator

We developed and brought our actuators to perfection and to more performance through
a new interior life and additional technical modifications.
What makes the high performance of the HP actuators and the difference to
AMG standard actuators?
High Performance actuators for special requirements:
• High cycle rates
• Short cycle times
• Also available as single acting SAF - Design with spring close and spring open fail safe position:


Depending on application conditions 10-20% longer service life

1-   Hard coated pistons.

2-   Additional end cap slide bearing guides protect the cover by large exposure.

3-   Resistant Viton O-Rings through 80 shore application.

4-   Pinion bearing PEEK: Higher service life due to pressure retention bearing material.

5-   Additional piston slide bearing guides and band protect O-ring against premature wear.

6-   Long lifetime through high performance grease and good lubricating properties.