AMG Limit Switch Box V215

AMG Limit Switch Box V215 consists of a V215 Housing with built-initiators. It serves as a position detector for end positions or intermediate positions of pneumatic actuators. It converts mechanical fixed positions of the actuator into an electrical signal.

To connect to the actuators is a clutch housing bolts on the middle ground was introduced. At this, the switching segment screwed. The fixed connection of the signal equipment at the rotary actuator is via a screwed metal console. In the housing are Alternative 2 slot proximity initiators or 2 installed.


* Material from anti electro-static housing and electrically conductive Vestamid, TÜV
* Exact factory preset switch
* Wired ready for connection with integrated terminal assignment plan
* Pluggable cable M20x1,5
* Liaison offices and growing rates according to VDI / VDE 3845
* All wetted parts in stainless steel
* Maintenance-free sealing of the shaft
* Easy replacement